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12 early signs of the onset of labor and you do not realize!

Whether it’s your first or fifth pregnancy, Early signs of the onset of labor spotting the very early signs of labor isn’t easy, especially as your due date approaches.

Early signs of the onset of labor

In this report, we review some of the usual and strange signs, which mean that the birth is 24 to 48 hours away, according to what was published by the Cleveland Clinic medical website.

1. Frequent and regular Brixton Hicks contractions

Through Brixton Hicks contractions (false labor contractions) the fetus prepares the mother for real birth. Brixton contractions can be distinguished by stretching over the stomach area, but this is exactly what the body does in premature labour!

Many mothers (both at and after their first baby) have had false contractions, and the best way to tell is to take a nice bath or walk, and measure the time between contractions.

In the case of a real birth, the contractions will not fade and will be regular. As for Brixton Hicks contractions, they will fade and stop after a while, according to the Australian Stay At Home Mum platform.

2. Contractions like menstrual cramps

Not all women feel or even experience Brixton Hicks contractions, but preterm labor usually begins very slowly. In the later stages of pregnancy, you feel pain all over the place apart from your usual discomfort, so you may not realize that those strange contractions have started, because they mix with all the other aches.

But at birth, the pain begins with menstrual-like contractions, but very slowly, so you should note the time difference between them and observe the following:

Are the contractions evenly spaced? True labor contractions diverge at regular intervals and become more frequent with time.

How long are contractions? True contractions last for 30 to 70 seconds each.

Are the contractions strong? Actual cramps increase over time and do not ease, even when you change your sitting position.

You may not be able to walk or talk during your labor contractions once they have progressed.

3. Feeling completely uncomfortable the night before

The night before giving birth is often uncomfortable for many women. The last stage of pregnancy is tiring in itself, but when you feel unusually uncomfortable and can’t find a comfortable position, it’s a good sign that labor is imminent.

4. Vaginal distension

If you have ever witnessed childbirth, you will definitely notice that your vagina appears abnormally swollen. The labia appear really swollen during the later stages of labour.

As the baby moves further down into the birthing position, it puts a lot of pressure on your female organs, making them look big and swollen.

Early signs of the onset of labor

5. Feeling the need to defecate or have diarrhea

The body naturally tries to get rid of anything in the intestines right before birth.

Besides emptying the bowels, this provides more space for the baby to move.

6. The appearance of the labor plug

If you happen to suddenly see a bloody mass resembling labor in your underwear, this is your labor plug. It is a sign that the body is ready to give birth soon, and you will usually give birth within the next three days.

This certainly does not happen with everyone, as everyone is different in nature.

7. Feeling of lower back pain

If you feel a slight pain in your back, this is also a good sign that labor is imminent.

Doctors recommend getting hot compresses and placing them on the back, then relax and rest, and see if the pain goes away.

If it doesn’t stop, start writing down the time and strength of your contractions. Usually the cause of lower back pain is that the baby is in the birth position, which can be very painful no matter how you change the sitting or lying position.

8. An urgent need for nesting

Most women get into a state of prenatal nesting, feeling a boost of energy to make sure the house is clean, the clothes are ready, the floors are vacuumed, and so on.

9. Loss of bladder control

Loss of bladder control is normal for women who feel heavy during pregnancy. But when you get to the point where you really need to urinate and you can’t control yourself even to reach the toilet, that’s a good sign that labor is imminent.

Most of the time, the reason for this is that the baby’s head has moved down the pelvis, putting pressure on the bladder. With all the processes going, the bladder is unable to control itself.

While you’re on the toilet, check your vaginal discharge if it’s pink, as this may be a good sign that you’re in the very early stages of labour.

10. Water Bag Explosion

The water bag may burst quickly and suddenly with a popping sound like we see in the movies, or maybe quietly but the child holds the water out of the body.

So if you feel constant wetness in your Early signs of the onset of labor underwear and don’t suspect it’s pee water, it could be a sign that your waters have burst, What to Expect.

Whether you have started labor or are in pain or not, it is recommended that you go to the doctor; To make sure you don’t get an infection.

It is worth noting that water bleeding is one of the last signs of labour, and it occurs naturally in only about 15% of deliveries or less.

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