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Black Latte Reviews:13 Things You Need to Know

Activated charcoal, l-carnitine, and coconut milk are all known to be healthy on their own, but can they lead to weight loss when combined with coffee? Black Latte, a latte product containing all these ingredients and more, claims this combination can do more than just aid in weight loss.

Black Latte says it can prevent weight gain, burn fat, and increase the metabolic rate, but is that true? Are there any scientific studies to back the claims made by this coffee drink? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this latte supplement and reach the bottom line to find our research team’s final verdict on this product.

What is Black Latte Reviews?

Black Latte is the best fat loss drink that everyone can use. Drinks that contain coffee are one of the most important natural slimming factors that help you lose weight and activate fat burning without the need to modify your lifestyle. With Black Latte, you don’t have to stick to extreme diets or exercise regimes.

 Who Makes Black Latte?

Black Latte is manufactured and marketed by Hendel, LLC. The company doesn’t have a file with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Hendel makes food supplements and cosmetics and describes itself as a dynamically developing company. They primarily make weight loss and anti-aging supplements.

Black Latte Customer Testimonials

Black Latte Claims

Black Latte tea claims to help users everywhere to shed unwanted weight by drinking the product daily. They claim that users of their products have seen a transformation in less than a month. Black Latte have claimed that their product activates fat burning. They also claim that you do not have to adjust your habits or diet to enjoy the results of the drink.

Black Latte Ingredients

The ingredients contained in Black Latte include:


Chromium picolinate

Activated carbon

Demineralized whey


Coconut oil

Instant coffee

Coconut extract

Natural chocolate flavor


Do Black Latte Work?

Unfortunately, no evidence that activated carbon helps with weight loss. Nutritionists and medical experts warn that activated carbon may prevent absorption of nutrients and may cause some types of medication not to work.

Research published in the International Journal of Obesity (London) shows that caffeine consumption, an active ingredient in instant coffee, can help burn off calories.

Another study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences showed that intaking maltodextrin may not aid weight loss, though more research is needed in this area.

L-carnitine is an effective weight loss supplement based on some published research However, another study published in Pharmacological Research showed that the beneficial effects of L-carnitine on weight loss were not very strong.

This latte drink contains coconut oil as an ingredient. Coconut oil has not been proven to be an effective weight loss supplement, according to one research study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Another study published in PCD confirmed these findings, noting that coconut oil as a weight-loss supplement does not work.

Black Latte and Weight Loss

After reviewing the ingredients contained in Black Latte, our team found that some of the contents individually may help you lose some weight.

However, it seems that most of the research doesn’t support the ingredients in this blend causing weight loss.

Black Latte Side Effects

Users have reported experiencing stomach pain soon after taking the Black Latte drink because of the included activated carbon. Other users reported experiencing constipation a few days after starting to use Black Latte.

Some users experienced bloating.also Activated carbon in general lowers the level of acidity in the stomach and may cause indigestion.

How to Make Black Latte

This is how to make Black Latte, according to the manufacturers:

Put two teaspoonfuls of Black Latte powder into an empty cup.

Pour 200 ml of hot water into a cup.

Take the instant drink warm with your breakfast or to start your day.

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Black Latte Reviews Pros and Cons


Some customers say they drink has good taste.

The product contains some protein.


There is no official customer care portal.

There is no research showing activated charcoal is healthy to consume as a supplement.


What Users Are Saying

“I really like the Black Latte Dry. It tastes good.”

“It did not help me lose weight at all.”

Black Latte Ingredients

Bottom Line on Black Latte Reviews Results

When it comes to weight loss, Black Latte may not be the best solution. Although some reviews have said the latte mix tastes good, also most research shows this blend won’t help you shed those extra points.



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