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In 2006, a global initiative was launched to raise awareness about breast cancer.

in what is known as Pink October, where many institutions and applications wear pink.

in order to raise awareness in communities about the importance of early examination.

and to urge periodic examination, so you see health conferences, seminars, publications and videos Educational.

and certainly this is a great science and a lot of positives for the benefit of women in particular, and society in general.

But…”There are battles after the battles. Victory is not the end of the battle,” says a former patient.

Stopping chemical and radiation doses and medicines is not the end of the war.

For women in societies there is a “special catalog.” .

Here comes the experience of one of the women after winning cancer and losing the most important battle, which is the family.

“Alia,” a 42-year-old woman who works as a teacher, says:

Despite my knowledge of breast cancer, and although I witnessed a close experience to me.

I knew its details, her treatment process and the suffering she went through.

but when I was the heroine of the play, all that You already knew him in theory falling to the impact of your own experience.

At first, I did not understand the disease, how at one moment a person’s life, plans, future, psychology.

and outlook on life changes, how does a normal, routine life from home to school change?

I come back from work.

start the housework, take care of my children, and suddenly this routine is broken.

The house was filled with whispers of “about illness” between me and my sister first on the phone, with reservations about not telling my mother and my family. I did not have the courage to tell my husband until after 3 weeks of silent crying and a broken psyche. The weekly, reports here and examinations there, reviews and clinics, and medicines are invading my bedroom, the place of cosmetics and colours, balms and ointments instead of creams and lipsticks.

Breast cancer .. and what is greater than the disease

Breast cancer does not only affect the breast, it also affects homes, lives, and the marital relationship, it affects the dining table in the absence of some items, for example, it affects social relationships and family visits, it affects children’s exams and neglects their duties.

Lean body, yellowish, withered eyes, many tufts of hair on the pillow, fear in my children’s eyes, and all of that really I was trying to understand, but when I stand in front of the mirror and put my hand on my confiscated chest, I don’t deny that I feel disgusted sometimes and goosebumps at other times, really? The female is breasts, hair and waist? I didn’t have beauty, but I was convinced of myself, and now I’m ashamed.

I no longer change my clothes in the bedroom, but I change them in the bathroom by myself, I wear very loose clothes, although my size has become less due to the deterioration of my health at first, but I bought large and loose sizes to hide my entire upper body and hide any untidy features due to the excision.

It is a strange feeling to put my hand on my head and find it smooth, it was a moment full

of tears when I ran my fingers over my “baldness”, I used to love my hair very much, and now I wear the “cap” or a piece of cloth tied from the back, and sometimes a complete veil, in my house, I move with it From the kitchen to my bedroom to the bathroom, and who? Between my husband and my children.

I completely disappeared from my husband’s eyes, sometimes he sleeps in the hall, or he watches his phone, and I know that he talks to girls or watches movies, so I no longer have any desire for him, and cancer is the most intimate relationship in my life, there is a great coldness and apathy, but my question remains in Myself: “Are women really nothing but breasts and pelvises?” Aren’t you a human? A complete human! Live, get sick and die?

Does prostate cancer, for example, exclude a husband from his wife’s life?

Or was he a “human with feelings” before he was male and had cancer? My self-confidence is zero, even with the use of artificial fillers from plastic and fabrics placed in the bra for a consistent look? But this is for the outward appearance.. What about my distaste for my body? And my husband alienated me?

Are pink street signs really enough to cure breast cancer? Are scientific and medical

seminars really enough? Is it enough for apps to turn app walls pink? Is it enough for influencers and celebrities to post photos with a floral badge hanging on the chest?

There is extensive guidance on the need for awareness for early detection. Most of the campaigns are messages to women, but what about the woman’s home? Wheat about the woman’s husband? What about her self-confidence derived from the people of her home?! What about distant regions and villages? in which the woman is a means of procreation; “I ruined another Najib.”

Certainly there are women whose experience with breast cancer is better than that of Mrs.

“Alia.” Certainly there are husbands who dealt with their wives better without being alienated, but there are always sad experiences, experiences far from the limelight, post-battle battles, so it is necessary to talk about them, There should be work on psychological support for women, and raising awareness for husbands, who are also soldiers of the battle, so that homes return to their joy, and encouragement not to be ashamed, and to use cosmetics and provide healthy, safe and most importantly possible ways at a possible price and licensed by the Health Organization.

Breast cancer does not only remove the breast, but sometimes the whole house is remove.



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