In fact; We live today in a time when health threats have increased sharply. From environmental pollution, through stress and anxiety, to the modern Corona epidemic; They are surrounded by pathogenic or dangerous factors for the health of our bodies in general, and the heart muscle in particular. Therefore, if you want to protect your cardiovascular system from the range of threats to it, Cardiovax is a drug that is the most appropriate choice for the best prevention ever. Safe, effective, inexpensive; And the experiences of customers, in any case, are conclusive evidence and proof of his success in his promises. Follow us…

What is Cardiovax, a heart prevention drug?

Cardiofax is one of the most commonly use natural ingredients in the prevention of heart failure, infarction and hypertension. The pills of this product act quickly to control high blood pressure in particular and to regulate cardiac arrhythmias. It is a product featured by Fokine Biotech Ltd., which operates as a research company in the medical field, and provides modern technology required for clinical practice to develop products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovax heart protection medicine ingredients

Coenzyme Q10: This coenzyme has been shown to be highly effective in controlling blood sugar, preventing or treating a wide range of diseases and reducing the frequency of migraine attacks.

Lycopene: It is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. Such as sun protection, improving health, especially heart disease, and reducing the risk of disease.

Moringa extract: Moringa is believed to have many benefits, ranging from health and cosmetic products to preventing diseases and restoring health.

Arjuna extract: Arjuna has been specifically use in traditional medicine to support the health of the cardiovascular system.

This extract contains flavonoids and polyphenols; Which fights inflammation, especially within the vessels, and prevents the formation of arterial plaques.

Cardiovax features and benefits of a drug

Few side effects.
Its ingredients are natural and safe.
Reducing arterial pressure.
Improving the elasticity of damaged blood vessels.
It has antioxidant effects in the body.
Adjusting and strengthening the nervous system and improving its general health.
Prevention of atherosclerosis, thus fighting atherosclerosis.
Support the circulatory system and help deliver adequate amounts of blood to the heart and muscles.

The mechanism of action of the product inside the body

Thanks to its natural ingredients that we mentioned earlier, Cardiofax works on two fronts together: controlling or treating current diseases, and preventing any future health problems. Its control of arterial hypertension remains the most important mechanism of its action at all. So that it protects the heart and blood vessels from damage caused by this disease, thus protecting the person from both heart and cerebrovascular infarctions.

Indications for use of Cardiovax capsules
Excessive sweating.
Facial edema.
Chronic fatigue.
blurred vision
Frequent headaches.
Cold and numb fingers.
Apathy, agitation and drowsiness.
Peaks of high blood pressure.
A fast or irregular heartbeat.
The presence of black spots in front of the eyes, or so-called floaters.
side effects
Nausea and vomiting.
Oesophageal heartburn.
cramping abdominal pain
Flatulence or flatulence.


Cardiofax may interfere with fertility in some people.

Uterine contractions can occur in women due to Moringa.

Cardiovax capsules may cause severe hypotension and slow heart rate due to the alkaloids in its plant components.

Precautions to be take

The product should be avoided by pregnant women due to the reported miscarriages associated with its consumption.

The product can be give to children, provided that they are over two months old.

Patients with diabetes who commonly develop hypoglycemic episodes should be careful when taking Cardiovax capsules on an empty stomach.

drug interactions

There is an interaction between Cardiofax and antiviral drugs use to treat AIDS, so it is best to avoid it by these patients.

Cardiofax may interfere with the antibiotic rifampin, decreasing its effectiveness. Because of this, be sure to tell your doctor that you will take Cardiovax as the first heart medication if you are prescribed rifampin.


Allergy to one of the natural ingredients in Cardiovax, the cardiovascular drug.

Cardiovax customer reviews are the best heart medicine

Customers have praised Cardiofax for its efficacy and safety, giving it a 4-star rating on Amazon.com. One customer praised the ease of swallowing the pills and their excellent support for his overall health, while another customer noticed an improvement in brain function and better control of his arterial tension when he started taking the product. Among the other benefits that Cardiofax customers mentioned are improving the mood, fighting all kinds of infections and protecting the liver from both acute and chronic diseases. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

How to use Cardiovax, a heart protection medicine?

Take one Cardiovax cardiovascular drug three times daily with the three meals.
Drink the pill with a full glass of water.
If Cardiofax causes indigestion, you can reduce the dose to two tablets or even to one.

Is Cardiovax useful medicine for erectile dysfunction?

Heart health and erections are interlinke. A healthy heart means a strong erection, and according to studies, Cardiovax, a drug for erectile dysfunction, helps reduce oxidative stress that significantly and effectively destroys penis tissue, lowers cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure, reduces atherosclerosis and increases nitric oxide, the main factor in erections. Testosterone booster.



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