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Early detection of breast cancer

There is no need to remember that breasts require special attention and regular examination, and identifying the causes of changes in your breasts is very important, and may even save your life in some cases and avoid serious diseases such as breast cancer.

In most cases, changes in the breasts are considered normal and do not cause concern. To understand their causes, I have collected for you in this report the most important questions related to changes in the shape of the breasts and nipples, so that you can distinguish between natural changes and those that require the intervention of a doctor:

breast changes

The shape of the breasts and nipples differs significantly from one woman to another, and most changes in the breasts and nipples are related to hormonal changes.

As a general rule, most changes are normal, but it’s really important for a woman to stay aware of her breasts, stick to regular check-ups, and consult her doctor if there are changes that don’t seem temporary or cyclical, especially if they appear on one breast, according to a gynecologist and hormonal health expert. Rebecca Booth answers the most common women’s questions in an interview with Hudabeauty.

Why does breast size change?

If your breast size jumps from a C to a D size, for example, there could be several reasons for this, according to Dr. Booth, the most prominent of which are:

Hormonal changes: Estrogen is the hormone that causes breasts to enlarge at puberty. Whereas progesterone (the hormone that predominates after ovulation and during pregnancy) causes the glands to become more active and fluid in the breasts to increase, which leads to breast fullness and pain.

It’s normal to experience an increase in your breast size due to hormonal changes, especially during the first two weeks of your period, before your period or during pregnancy.

Weight gain: Weight gain sometimes leads to enlargement of fatty tissue in the breast, even after menopause. This is especially common in women with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Birth control: Some women experience enlarged breasts due to the use of birth control pills or other contraceptives that contain estrogen. This is common in younger women with lower body weight who may not have reached full maturity or had not had regular ovulation before taking the pill.

Muscle mass: If you exercise regularly, you may notice an increase in the apparent size of your breasts due to the size of the chest muscles under the breast as a result of exercise.

It is also important to note that it is normal for both breasts to increase in size for various reasons, but if you notice that only one breast has increased in size it is important to see a doctor in this case.

Why do my nipples hurt?

If you notice that your nipples hurt when you touch them or when you wear a bra, hormonal changes may be the cause, according to Dr. Booth.

Hormonal imbalances can lead to breast pain such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, or overgrowth of the pituitary gland, as well as some medications.

The nipples are usually less painful on days 7 to 14 after your period, when progesterone is low and estrogen predominates.

On the other hand, an increase in estrogen along with progesterone such as a few days after ovulation [around day 12-14 in your cycle] or during early pregnancy, can significantly increase nipple soreness.

Long running without wearing a bra can also lead to sore nipples, causing soreness.

Why did the color of my nipples change?

Nipple color can vary greatly from woman to woman – some nipples are pink, others brown or purple. Whatever the usual color, it can also change during different times of the month.

High levels of female hormones can stimulate the growth of peptides that actually stimulate the nipples to increase pigmentation and size.

Pregnancy and birth control pills can increase the action of melanocytes — the cells that make melanin and cause increased pigmentation. This is the reason for the black line, or “pregnancy line”, which is a dark line that appears down the middle of the abdomen.

Is nipple discharge normal?

Yes, discharge can be normal, although it is not as common as changing breast size.

It is possible that a clear liquid may come out of the nipples that is more prominent at the time of the menstrual cycle and may sometimes dry on the nipple, causing slight crusts.

Stress, caffeine (or xanthine), sugar, weight gain, and iodine deficiency can increase the amount of fluid drained from the nipple. So, don’t panic, it’s totally normal!

But when is nipple discharge a concern? If the discharge is dark brown, bloody, or greenish, it may indicate a serious medical problem in the ductal system, especially if it is only one-sided.

Any changes that don’t appear to be clearly related to a woman’s hormone cycle or that last for a long time should be evaluated by a doctor.

Breast test

Make sure to get regular checkups with your doctor to make sure that there are no lumps or tumors that breast cancer concern.

It would also be helpful to do a breast self-exam, preferably a few days after your period ends, according to Healthline.

Set a regular monthly breast cancer self-examination and write down the changes you notice in your breasts that you can present to the doctor later.

How to perform a breast self-exam

Start by standing topless in front of the mirror with your hands at your sides.

Visually examine your breasts for the following:

Changes in size, shape, or symmetry
Change in the shape of the nipples
Asymmetrical edges at the bottom
Check for these signs as you put your arms at your sides, put your arms over your head, and check them again.

Check your breasts by pressing them with your fingers in a spiral pattern.

starting from the nipple up and then to the sides to breast cancer make sure there are no lumps and gently pressing on your nipples to check for secretions. Do this while lying on your back and again in the shower, the soapy water in the shower will allow your fingers to glide easily over your skin.



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