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How can anxiety and stress about fertility contribute to delaying pregnancy?

Fertility is one of the delaying pregnancy main problems that may create some kind of tension and anxiety between spouses.

as about 80 million people around the world suffer from infertility (either difficulty getting pregnant or miscarrying).

according to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

and one in seven couples faces In the UK it is difficult to conceive.

Stress about fertility may be a major barrier to conception

Fertility and childbirth expert Kristen Hayward says:

“We are human, and the desire to have children and have a family is normal.

But when it doesn’t happen easily, people may feel like failure, injustice or harm.

These feelings lead to more stress, which can put us in a negative cycle. hollowed out.”

We’ve all heard stories of couples who were told they couldn’t have children naturally.

and then got pregnant months later, when they weren’t expecting it.

It may not be a coincidence, Hayward says.

“When we’re stressed, our bodies switch into resistance mode and delay pregnancy until we feel safe enough again.”

In other words, your stress about fertility could be keeping you from getting pregnant, according to Glamor Magazine.

But staying calm and relaxed as you take pregnancy tests one by one.

wondering if your cramps are a sign of your period or pregnancy, and turning to chat sites for a glimmer of hope can make relaxation impossible.

Every time you get your period and are disappointed again not to get pregnant, your stress levels will rise more and more.

“But it’s not just anxiety, but a whole other set of emotions,” says Hayward. “One of them is that women or couples feel lonely and excluded when they see their friends, family, and buddies easily having child after child. They feel understandable anger and jealousy at the success of others. Usually they are unable to share their feelings, and if they do, people inadvertently respond with annoying comments.”

There is also concern about the physical condition, as IVF is usually performed in two or three cycles, depending on where you live. While some couples can “explore all options” including seeking special help, others feel the limits of their financial capabilities, says Hayward.

So what’s the deal when you feel like you’re fighting fertility anxiety?

“It’s important to create a strong support network, whether family, friends, or others, to help you deal with the stress of late pregnancy or other fertility issues, and to think carefully about who you want to tell about your problems, who can provide real support, and who not,” says Hayward. He should know the whole story if he is likely to make you nervous with his comments, suggestions, or even his own feelings.”

“Fertility is a very personal journey and it’s usually not talked about. But sometimes it can be helpful for someone at work to know what you’re going through. That person might not be a direct co-worker or your boss, but perhaps more appropriately someone From the human resources department, to have someone who understands your doctor’s appointments and covers your absence and supports you with kind words. It doesn’t mean that you have to disclose all the details, just knowing that someone knows what you’re going through makes you feel less lonely.”

Kristen Hayward’s Tips for Overcoming Fertility Anxiety

1- Develop awareness of your feelings and acknowledge that they are just feelings and not an actual “tangible” thing. Then choose a short daily routine that you follow to create a positive mindset.

2- Take long, slow breaths, as this will help calm your nervous system and relax your mind and body.

3- Short, positive expressions of encouragement:

do this in the shower and when you go to sleep.

.write the words of encouragement and distribute them delaying pregnancy around the house or ask

someone to send them to you regularly.

4- Physical activity: Do yoga, Pilates, or something that isn’t too strenuous.

5- Identify your negative feelings – anger, jealousy, anxiety, loneliness, guilt, helplessness, or fears – and try to get rid of all the feelings that affect your overall health.

6- Control and harness the power of your mind.

and remember that fears are only negative feelings associated with our thoughts.

so turning the source of anxiety into a realistic thought and releasing it.

will clear your mind and allow you to move forward with greater freedom and positivity.

7-Train your mind to focus on your present day

find the positives in it, and do not allow your mind to think about the coming weeks, months and years and the various possibilities.

8- Release yourself from stress at the level of your subconscious mind, as positive thinking is essential when consciously choosing how to respond to information and situations.

9- Carefully choose a few people to share your journey with. And remember that your closest friends or family members are not necessarily the most suitable support for you in this matter.

10- Avoid the constant search on Google and fertility delaying pregnancy complexes spread on the Internet, and be aware of what is useful and what causes you additional pressure or tension.

The path that one of them took may not be the one that suits you.

even if her experience was successful.

11- Remember that we like to be right.

so our minds are always looking for acknowledgments that we are right.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

and this will cause it to seek out those positives instead of focusing on the negatives.

12- Do not stop your life until the baby comes.

but continue with your plans and delaying pregnancy advance in your career and travel.

(whenever possible!). Babies usually come when you least expect them, and when the focus is on something else.



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