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How were medieval treatments?

The medieval treatments was and still is one of the darkest periods of history.

and was famous for its many ambiguities, during which science was also.

in the least prosperous phase.

but what we were able to know about this period tells us that some vital.

fields such as medicine and treatment were delayed.

so how were medieval treatments?

The truth is that most of them depended on primitive methods.

though not all of them were completely useless, or else humanity would perish.

Among the ancient and strange methods.

our report includes the most prominent methods of treatment and primitive medicine used by humans in the Middle Ages.

draining blood

This type of medication was used in the past.

and it was the withdrawal of calculated amounts of blood from the patient’s.

body to balance the hormones inside the body.

Now modern medicine defines this process as phlebotomy, and modern medicine tells us that losing an amount of blood is not a serious matter.

But in the past, this procedure was one of the most dangerous medical procedures.

and it was performed by an experienced doctor because controlling the amount of bleeding was difficult.

aned it might endanger the lives of patients, especially the elderly.

and of course this type of treatment proved to be ineffective in equilibrating hormones and treating diseases.

How were medieval treatments?

“Magic” recipes

Charms were not completely useless, because they sometimes contained some natural herbs and natural extracts from them.

In some cases, these substances may be of some benefit to patients.

But the magic recipes that could be prepared by any non-specialist, or claiming to be a healer.

.did not provide the great benefits that may be provided by the studied medical

prescriptions, which are prescribed by specialized doctors who studied the effects of medicinal.

plants and herbs in detail. These magical recipes may not have harmed the sick, but they were not very effective either.

Ancient medicine: cultivated herbs

Treatment with cultivated plants in ancient medicine was based mainly on the properties and physical effects of each herb used.

and these effects were well known to doctors and healers who inherited or studied these effects.

and these herbs such as sage or rue had direct effects on the activities of blood circulation.

Another example was the use of herbal extracts from mint leaves.

in the form of a drink used in women’s menstrual disorders.

or even in cases of abortion, meaning that this type of treatment was really at that time achieving the purposes for which it was prescribed.

Acupuncture for eye diseases

Medieval surgeons used sets of sharp needles to treat some eye diseases, specifically cataracts.

and this method was one of the harshest.

The surgeon was trying to remove the infected foci using the sharp tip of the needle.

and a skill not everyone has, other than the pain caused by this operation.

Today, modern medicine has proven that removing the cataracts from the eyes using needles is a dangerous procedure.

and leads to bleeding or complete loss of vision in the eye.

Extracted medicines or old pharmacy

This method was described in the past by the term apothecaries.

which differs from the modern meaning of pharmacology.

and we can describe it as one of the closest ancient forms of treatment to modern therapy.

While pharmacists in the past used several useless herbal extracts and medicines.

However, there are examples of some successful extracts and drugs such as cinnamon extract and ginger.

which are still used in modern medicines, with the same positive effect that was mentioned in medieval texts.


Doctors and healers in the past paid great attention to the movement.

of the celestial bodies, the planets, and specifically the so-called zodiac signs.

And they tracked their movements to determine specific times that would be appropriate to provide treatment for a disease.

or to solve medical dilemmas.

How were medieval treatments?

Ancient medicine also linked the positioning of astronomical constellations.

to the effect on certain parts of the human body and the validity of its treatment at these times.

Even after the emergence of many serious scientific studies that refute this science from the ground up.

Poison antidote

In the past, doctors used a recipe named after the same name.

close to the Arabic name Theriac, and used plant extracts mixed with parts .

of snake parts in order to extract an antidote that cures the poisons of bites.

and its manufacture was complicated and cost the affected person a lot of money.

Other than that, this treatment method was not correct compared to the manufacture of antidote for bites as is the case today.

even if it came close to the method of manufacturing snake antivenoms currently.

which is based on extracting the antidote from the pure poison of the snake and not by mixing parts of its body with other extracts.

van malek
van is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. He started his career as a linguist, finishing his degree in French Studies and Translation. He was working as a translator, when he started practicing yoga and meditation. His passion for them took him to India where he became a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Upon his return in the UK, he started his MA degree in Health Management and worked briefly in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, he is part of pinabol and acts as our natural body-cleansing expert.


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