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Keto Guru Review & Side Effects

What is Keto Guru?

Keto Guru Review & Side Effects. Under the name Keto Guru, effervescent tablets are offered on the Internet which are supposed to bring desired results with the help of a ketogenic diet. The ingredients of these tablets are supposed to support the ketosis in the body and at the same time prevent the symptoms of a ketogenic diet. The state of ketosis ensures that more fat can be burned. This should make it possible to lose a lot of weight within a short period of time.

The prerequisite, however, is that carbohydrates are avoided during this special diet. If these are no longer available to the body, the body loses energy and ketosis sets in. During this process, the body’s own fat is burned to convert it into energy. According to the manufacturer, excess weight can thus disappear, while at the same time muscle mass is maintained.

However, the most important advantage of effervescent tablets is the reduction of symptoms that can occur during a keto diet. According to the manufacturer, this often leads to a lack of energy, a keto flu or even functional disorders of the organs. The regular intake of effervescent tablets is intended to prevent these serious consequences of ketogenic nutrition.

Keto Guru, is even worse, why they call it Keto Guru is a mystery it is a mineral tablet at most with very little benefits to a keto diet. Keto Guru Review & Side Effects؟

We suggest you stay away from both products as they provide little to no value to a proper ketogenic diet. Fact is that we had many Keto Boost Keto Guru Scam customers call us and complain or ask for advice.

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Is there an effective alternative?

In our Keto Guru test the product could not convince us. Instead of losing weight, our tester suffered strong side effects. And the taste of the effervescent tablets was also rather disadvantageous. In order to be able to present an effective help for overweight, we compared the effervescent tablets with an alternative product.

This is the ICG Health Fatburner, which we have already tested positively in the past and with which some of our readers have had good experiences. But just have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both products yourself.

Why does a person need this product?

For people who are not able to reduce fats quickly, Keto Guru will boost their fat burning in an effective way. The ketones present in the product will help the body to feed the muscles, thereby reducing fat. Usually to reach the state of ketosis, the body requires 7 to 10 days. But with just one tablet, the body will be in the state of ketosis in just 40-50 mins. This will make the weight loss faster. The main benefit Keto Guru provides is that a person does not have to go through an extreme diet, heavy exercise, or a surgery to reduce weight.

Keto Guru Review & Side Effects


  1. Take one effervescent capsule and add to a glass of water.
  2. Drink the mixture after the capsule has dissolved completely in the water.
  3. Take the capsule at least 30 minutes before your meals

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