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Sagging skin around the eyes

Sagging skin around the eyes, which increases a woman’s age by years, reduces her luster, and obscures the beauty of her eyes.

Causes of sagging skin under the eyes
Genetic factors.

Weakness and relaxation of the muscles around the eye area.


Neglecting the area around the eyes or exaggerating the care and excessive rubbing of the area around the eyes.

Deficiency in vitamins useful for the skin such as vitamin C, K and E, which leads to roughness and lack of elasticity of the skin, thus increasing its vulnerability to sagging and premature aging.

Rubbing the eyes constantly and vigorously or removing make-up from them in the wrong way.

Smoking exposes the skin to dryness and thus increases the possibility of sagging and drooping eyelids.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight leads to increased thickness of the skin around the eyes, dryness and sagging.


Natural recipes for the treatment of sagging skin around the eyes:

We have chosen for you the best 5 natural recipes that reduce sagging skin around the eyes and rejuvenate the skin.

Check them out and their components and choose the easiest one for you.

A mixture of natural oils to reduce sagging skin around the eyes

Mix 3 drops of each of castor oil,

olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil,

and massage the wrinkled area with fingertips and very gently to get moist and tight skin while continuing to apply this mixture every day before bed.

Green tea recipe to get rid of sagging skin around the eyes

Green tea can be used to get rid of eye sagging by making green tea compresses.

and drinking a cup of green tea on a daily basis leads to tight skin free of wrinkles and sagging.

because it contains substances that help in the secretion of elastin.

which helps soften the skin and prevent sagging.

The eye and the appearance of wrinkles around it.

Cucumber recipe in its various forms of juice, mixture and slices to get rid of sagging skin around the eyes.

Be smart and take advantage of the wonderful properties of cucumber to tighten and moisturize the skin.

There is no harm in placing cucumber slices under the eyes or squeezing the cucumber and filtering it.

then dipping a piece of cotton in cucumber juice and wiping the area around the eyes before bedtime daily.

or if you prefer masks, mix a cucumber grain with the blender and put it on it.

the area around the eyes and wash your face after 30 minutes with cold water.

Honey and ginger recipe to tighten the skin around the eyes

Grate a piece of fresh ginger and add a spoonful of honey to it.

mix them well and put the mixture on the area around your eyes for at least 10 minutes.

avoiding getting into the eyes, and then wash your face with cold water.

Iced rose water cubes to remove sagging skin around the eyes
Ice is used to tighten the skin around the eyes and get rid of wrinkles.

.All you need to do is put rose water in ice molds and leave it to cool

then rub the area around the eyes with an ice cube for 5 minutes.

Exercises to remove sagging skin around the eyes

Despite the lack of interest in eye exercises to tighten the skin of the eyelids and get rid of wrinkles in them.

they are considered one of the best and most successful ways to reduce them .

and we have chosen for you 4 simple exercises that will significantly reduce the sagging skin around the eyes.

if any, and will delay it if not You are exposed to it after:

Put your finger below the eyebrow and slowly raise the eyelid and wait for 10 seconds before the eyelid relaxes again.

Repeat this movement at least 10 times and 3 times a day to get rid of eyelid wrinkles.

Close your eyes and then massage the area around the eye starting from the outer corner of the eyes with the middle or ring finger and towards the inner corner of the eye once clockwise and again counterclockwise.

Then rest your eyes for 15 seconds and repeat the ball at least 5 times.

Close your eyes, and press the area around the eyes with the middle and ring fingers, for a period of no less than 5 minutes.

This movement reduces puffiness around the eyes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Make sure to massage the temples area with the forefingers in a circular motion with both hands for 5 minutes a day.

and this movement increases the water circulation and increases blood flow to this area, making the skin more fresh and youthful.

Put your index finger under the eyes with light pressure and then look at the ceiling for 10 seconds. Repeat this movement 10 times a day.



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