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This is what happens to your body when you stop showering in the winter

Bathing breaks down the acid mantle of the skin, Winter shower the body’s natural protective barrier, leaving it dry, cracked and prone to bacterial and viral invasion; At first glance, you might assume that this is a good enough reason to stop showering in the winter, but it’s not that simple.

Yes, everyone is aware of the pre and post winter shower repercussions of feeling cold and the possibility of catching a cold, but stopping showering in winter comes with multiple health risks.

Beverly Hills dermatologist Jennifer Hermann says that reducing the number of showers in the winter is self-evident, and explains to Considerable, “In the winter months, when the air outside is drier as it is indoors due to heating, the skin becomes drier, and therefore Excessive showering exacerbates dryness and increases skin problems.

However, she recommends limiting bathing to twice a week.

What happens when you stop showering in the winter?

In the following, we list the health risks of this reluctance.

1- Infection from germs

Hands come into contact with multiple surfaces riddled with germs throughout the day, including the phone, keyboard, or public transportation.

During the day, your hands transmit these germs to different parts of your body, and any unnoticed cuts or scrapes can transfer these germs into the bloodstream, making their owner vulnerable to all kinds of medical disasters, as well as increasing the chances of catching a bacterial or fungal infection.

2- Skin diseases such as acne or sore throat

Not showering ensures that dirt, sweat and dead skin cells build up on the body, thus exacerbating the condition of those who suffer from acne.

Not showering regularly can cause folliculitis, which indicates an inflamed hair follicle.

Sweat and dirt build up on the skin and cause discolore spots on the skin, alcohol and plenty of soap will need to be use to get rid of them.

Winter shower

3- Feeling itchy

The person feels itching as a result of not showering due to the accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria. In addition, if you scratch your skin because of the itch, harmful bacteria may enter your bloodstream, which should always be avoided.

4- Decline in activity

Regular baths not only take care of the cleanliness of the body.

but also ensure that you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

“Don’t look at it from a biological point of view, even psychological,” dermatologist Sanjay Jan told Jezebel magazine.

“Just taking a shower makes you feel refreshed, and someone who doesn’t shower every day doesn’t have the same level of energy.

Taking a shower makes people feel more confident, and they feel better.” And they are more beautiful.

Everyone who plays sports or a hard-working job.

who is exposed to dirt and pollutants or works in the healthcare field should take a shower every day .

otherwise showering three times a week should ensure you sail happily during the winter!

5- And finally, body odor

While sweat itself isn’t smelly, some areas, including under the arms and feet cause a disgusting odor.

because “the bacteria on the skin and hair metabolize proteins and fatty acids and produce an unpleasant odor,”

according to howstuffworks.

So between stopping showering in the winter and taking a daily shower.

the best things remain in the middle and reduce the number of times to two or three.

times a week in order to preserve the general health of yourself and others.



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